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24.11.2016: Additional Partner to the Safety Alliance

AnaPath welcomes LPT to the Safety Alliance network!

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10.10.2016: Japanese Society of Toxicologic Pathology (JSTP)

The AnaPath GmbH is proud to announce and welcome a new board-certified pathologist in the team:     

Klaus Weber, Toxicologic Pathologist, D.V.M, PhD, DJSTP   

Yes, Klaus, co-founder of AnaPath GmbH, took the challenge and recently qualified as the 498th board-certified diplomate of the Japanese Society of Toxicologic Pathology (JSTP).  

The society has been dealing with the promotion of the scientific field of toxicologic pathology (by annual scientific meetings and publication of the Journal of Toxicologic Pathology), the quality certification of trained toxicologic pathologists (by the board certification system; Diplomate of JSTP) and the continuous education as well as training of not only young fellows but also diplomates (by annual slide conferences and annual education seminars).

19.02.2016: 3D Laser Scanning Confocal Microscopy

AnaPath GmbH continuous to advance into the future by integrating advanced interdisciplinary scientific techniques into histopathology. 3D Laser Scanning Confocal Microscopy is the next generation non-contact measuring solution. In the hands of our experience d staff it offers a wide range of possibilities for accurate analyses. We can offer analyses of e.g. blood, sperm and BALF smears, bone and implant surfaces, microspheres, encapsulated polymers, matrix, scaffolds and much more. Please get in touch with us today to discuss how we can support your research:

28.01.2016:Expanding Capabilities in Bio-Implant Testing

AnaPath GmbH is strengthen its capabilities in bio-implant testing through a collaboration with the RMS Foundation.

The RMS Foundation is certified according to SN EN ISO 9001, accredited according to ISO/IEC 17025 and highly competent in testing medical and material technology. RMS broad test portfolio includes individual testing services for materials, implants and medical products: incoming inspection of raw materials, chemical analytics and microstructure investigations, electron microscopy, static and dynamic testing of specimens and products, surface and cleanliness analysis and failure reports. Through discussion customized test designs for e.g. implant stability can be conducted.

Please get in touch with us today to discuss how we can support you.

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16.12.2015:16.12.2015: Laser Capture Microdissection

AnaPath GmbH extends the molecular pathology services into Laser Capture Microdissection. Laser Capture Microdissection (LCM) is an automated sample preparation technique that enables isolation of tissue regions or specific cells from a mixed population under microscopic visualization.  At AnaPath we use tissue samples as frozen or FFPE samples for microdissection and can conduct LCM under GLP.  Please get in touch with us today to discuss how we can support your research.  

26.06.2015:Selcia joins Safety Alliance

In June 2015 Selcia joins the Safety Alliance.

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01.04.2015: Safety Alliance

In April 2015 the Safety Alliance, managed by AnaPath GmbH, is launched:

The Safety Alliance consists of a selected number of high-quality, complementary CROs located in Europe. It was built as a coordination and monitoring function for Multi-Site studies between the different CROs in order to deliver a high quality standard to our valued clients. These CROs are called Safety Alliance Partners.
The management of the Safety Alliance is performed by AnaPath GmbH.

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06.03.2015:International School Solothurn Olten: Financial Partners Wanted!

International School Solothurn Olten: Financial Partners Wanted!

Your investment will design the future. The International School Solothurn Olten ISSO has always worked well exclusively based on the income of the school fees during the last 17 years with a number of students between 50 - 78. In the current school year 2014/2015, ISSO unexpectedly lost 13 students due to different circumstances. At the beginning of this School Year, ISSO taught 51 students from the region of Solothurn and from other countries. Since January 2015, the ISSO teaches 36 students only. With this amount of students, ISSO will not longer be able to continue its high quality educational program for local and international students. 

The International School Solothurn Olten got into financial difficulties from one day to the other and is in urgent need of financial partners with a long term optic of their investments. 

International School Solothurn Olten ISSO desperately needs a financial boost to be able to continue the program and to be able to serve local and international families. 

With your help and your vision to design the future of our region, the turn over of ISSO can be done within two years.  

01.10.2014: AnaPath Toxicology Consulting Japan

AnaPath is announcing the opening of its local office in Japan under the name of "AnaPath Toxicology Consulting Japan Co., Ltd. (ATCJ)". A president name Daisuke Hayashi has taken post at ATCJ, and Klaus Weber and Yoshimasa Okazaki have been inaugurated as Board member. ATCJ is starting its business from the 1. October 2014 and will focus on directly contacts and consultations of Japanese clients and customers.


01.10.2014: International Journal of Toxicology

New Method for Sperm Evaluation by 3-Dimensional Laser Scanning Microscopy in Different Laboratory Animal Species

The publication prepared together with  BSL Bioservice, Vivotecnia, EPL and Olympus is featured on the cover page of the International Journal of Toxicology, Issue September/October 2014.


Sperm analysis is one of the end points in reproductive toxicology studies. Different methods for quantitative sperm analysis have been described. For qualitative morphological sperm analysis, either such techniques or smears of sperm and histological sperm staging are in use. Any of these methods provides morphological results on a light microscopy level. Laser scanning microscopy is a technique using a focused laser for scanning an object. The Olympus 3D Laser Scanning Microscope LEXT OLS4000 with optional possibilities of differential interference contrast provides a microscopic method for visualizing microasperities, which are far beyond the resolving power of a typical light or laser microscope. This technique was applied to sperm of mice, rats, rabbits, and cynomolgus monkeys at magnifications up to ×17 090. The obtained images are comparable to those of a scanning electron microscope under relatively low-power magnifications. Measurements on sperm parameters were taken by an integrated image analysis software tool. Abnormalities were easily detectable.


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12.08.2014:New Presentations

We have recently uploaded the presentations about "Hexachlorophene" from Dr. Georg Krinke and "8-Methyloxypsoralen" from Dr. Klaus Weber that were presented together with Harlan Laboratories Ltd. at the ESTP.

07.07.2014:Toxicity Studies with Nanoparticles and Detection Methods for Pathology Evaluation

The presentation "Toxicity Studies with Nanoparticles and Detection Methods for Pathology Evaluation" recently presented at the 41st Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Toxicology in Kobe, Japan by Dr. Klaus Weber can now be found online under Publications and Presentations.

01.07.2014:Update of "Different Special Technologies in Pathology"

We have recently updated our presentation "Different Special Techniques in Pathology" in the section "Presentations and Publications" and included more information and images of Hyperspectral Analysis, Laser Scanning Microscopy, and Spheroids.


We have added a new entry about "Craniopharyngioma" to our Pathology Forum.

14.05.2014:Peer Review and Related Issues

The presentation "Peer Review and Related Issues" recently presented at the 25th SPAQA Annual Meeting by Dr. Klaus Weber can now be found online under Publications and Presentations.

05.03.2014:Celebrating 1 Year in Business!

Thanks to you AnaPath Services is now celebrating 1 Year in Business!

You can view our celebration mailing below and download it here:

03.03.2014:Presentations & Publications

We've recently updated our section "Presentations & Publications" and uploaded the most recent presentations held by our members:

- "Methyl Methanesulfonate Induced Sperm Lesions"

In addition to that, we also updated our presentation:

- "Different Special Technologies in Pathology"

You can view the presentations as usual, as slide images, in the section "Presentations & Publications" on our website.

19.02.2014:3D Sperm Evaluation by Laser Scanning Microscopy

AnaPath and AnaPath Services have recently developed and implemented methods of qualitative sperm morphology analysis using a 3D Laser Scanning Microscope (Olympus LEXT OLS4000) that provides quickly achived 3D images very similar to a SEM and gurantees a high troughput in comparison to SEM to ensure statistical reliability.

For more information and images of this interesting development see our Pathology Forum or contact us for details.

26.10.2013:Zbinden Slide Collection

Prof. Dr. Paul-Georg Germann as official member of the ESTP board has agreed to transfer the Zbinden Slide Collection from Novartis to AnaPath. During this year, the slides were restored, refreshed, restained and coverslipped again. The Zbinden Slide Collection is ready for use and further training.

21.10.2013:New Presentations

We have added the following presentations to our Publications area:

1. Reproductive Organs Basics - Differences between Species

2. Spontaneous and Induced Lesions in the Male Reproductive System of Laboratory Animals

3. Induced Lesions in the Female Reproductive System of Rodents

4. Neoplasms of the Rodent Female Reproductive System

17.09.2013:The laboratories of AnaPath Services

The laboratories of AnaPath Services are located approx. 15 kilometres from Basel/Switzerland. The facility of AnaPath Services consists of 320qm laboratory space for histopathology tissue processing and 300qm for microscopy analysis, offices and meeting rooms. The laboratory is equipped with modern laboratory devices for efficiency and high quality from Leica, Olympus and Medite.

AnaPath Services laboratories are operated by highly qualified laboratory staff. Our services include, but are not limited to, plastic embedding and sectioning, trimming organs, paraffin embedding and cutting, histology staining, immunohistochemistry, in-situ hybridization, fetal pathology and microscopic analysis.

06.09.2013:Pathology Evaluation involved in the Development of ATMPs

The new presentation "Pathology Evaluation involved in the Development of ATMPs" that was recently presented at the Eurotox Congress 2013 in Interlaken by our scientific experts Dr. Klaus Weber and Susan Gähler is now online and can be found here:

02.04.2013:Information on a new company - AnaPath Services

On the 1 of March all former employees of the department of pathology of Harlan Laboratories Ltd. in Itingen (Switzerland) joined AnaPath Services (APS), a department of the AnaPath GmbH group. The new company is effective since March 1, 2013.   AnaPath Services is managed by Dr. Klaus Weber (CEO), Susan Gähler und Angelo Baldo (Operational Management). The full services in the field of toxicologic pathology began on April 2nd, 2013.  

You may benefit from our more than 350 combined years of experience of all employees in the contract research industry.   In addition, there are 300 combined years of experience from the pathologists, anatomists, QA and IT staff of AnaPath GmbH founded in 2005.

14.11.2012:Laser Scanning Microscopy

The Keyence laser digital microscope VHX-2000E provides new possibilities for the evaluation of any surface types at a high resolution.  Images are similar to those received by scanning electron microscopy.  Profile and 3D measurements can be performed. This technique does not require the work intensive preparation as compared to scanning electron microscopy. Tissues can be imaged freshly or in a fixed status.

AnaPath’s main focus of use includes implant (medical device) evaluations (prior and after implantation) and special mechanistical studies (e.g. focused on hair follicles, measurement of fat layers in fresh or fixed samples etc.)



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AnaPath welcomes LPT to the Safety Alliance network!

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